Volunteer Fire Company
First Aid Squad

Fire and Emergency Medical Services are provided by the Lakehurst Volunteer Fire Company and the Lakehurst First Aid Squad, respectively. 

The volunteer fire company was organized (as the Manchester Volunteer Fire Company #1) after the rope factory, an early industry, was destroyed by fire in March 1911. The department underwent a name change when Lakehurst broke away from Manchester Township and became the Borough of Lakehurst in 1921. The volunteer fire company responded to the Hindenberg disaster in 1937.

Today, the fire department responds to a full array of fire and rescue calls including support of EMS operations. Twenty volunteers man three pumpers; a 1989 1250gpm Grumman, a 1975 1000GPM Great Eastern (refurbished in 1989), and a 1984 1000gpm FMC pumper.

The department, like many others across the country has had difficulty in recruiting new members.

The normal staffing consists of a fire chief, deputy fire chief, assistant fire chief, and three captains.

Drills are held on Wednesday nights, normally.

The Lakehurst First Aid Squad was formed in 1952. It is currently staffed by fifteen volunteers who man their two ambulances. They provide volunteer first aid services twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.

Both volunteer organizations are backed up by career personnel from the Naval Air Engineering Center Fire Department, and a private ambulance service, as well as volunteers from the neighboring communities.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can contact the Municipal Clerk's Office at 657-4141.