Chronology of Lakehurst History


Circa 1789 Federal Forge in operation supplying cannonballs for the Continental Army. First forge in Ocean County.
Circa 1850 Village of Manchester founded by William Torrey along with the Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad. Early industrial center.
Circa 1860's Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad was named as carrier for Union troops and supplies by Secretary of War. Torrey/Larrabee Store opened using local script as money.
Circa 1870's Red Men's Lodge Hall constructed. Present home of Fleet Reserve Association Branch 124.
1874  First Mass celebrated in Old St. John's Church. Oldest Roman Catholic Church in Ocean County. Present home of the Lakehurst Historical Society Museum.
1884 Rogers Hotel constructed on Union Avenue. Owned by Charles Rogers, it was the site of much political activity in the Lakehurst/Manchester area.
1897 Lakehurst Post Office founded. Name "Lakehurst" in regular use.
1898  Pine-Tree Inn, large winter resort opens on Union Avenue.
Circa 1900  Largest Central Railroad of New Jersey shops and roundhouse in operation. Many small businesses and local industries line the tree-lined Union Avenue.
1911 Second largest industry, Rope Factory, burned to the ground. Manchester Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 formed. Became Lakehurst Volunteer fire Company in 1918.
1912 Austin Miles authors the famous hymn "In the Garden" after receiving inspiration from his mother's rose garden on Pine Street.
1921 Lakehurst Incorporated on April 7, 1921. Lakehurst Naval Air Station established. Construction started in Hanger One on ZR-1 Shenandoah
1928 First International Airport in the United States at NAS Lakehurst. Graf Zeppelin started round the world flight at Lakehurst.
1936 German Zeppelin Hindenburg made 10 flights here.
May 6, 1937  Hindenburg explodes and burns near mooring mast.
Circa 1940's Railroad shops declining. Pine-Tree Inn razed.
1940's - 1960's Birthplace of helicopters in U.S. Navy
1962  Last flight of U.S. Navy Blimps
1993 Historical Society Museum opened.