Borough Council
Agendas and Minutes 2023

Date Agenda Minutes
January 1 Reorganization Agenda  Minutes 
January 19 Cancelled (due to lack of quorum) Agenda   
February 2 Agenda  Minutes 
February 16 Agenda Minutes 
March 2 Agenda  Minutes 
March 16 Agenda  Minutes
April 6 Agenda  Minutes 
April 20 Cancelled (due to lack of quorum) Agenda   
May 4 Agenda Minutes 
May 18 Agenda  Minutes 
June 1 Agenda Minutes 
June 15 Agenda Minutes
July 20 Agenda Minutes 
August 17 Agenda  Minutes 
September 7 Agenda  Minutes 
September 21 Agenda  Minutes 
October 5 Agenda Minutes 
October 19 Agenda Minutes 
November 2 Agenda  Minutes 
December 7 Agenda  Minutes 
December 21 Agenda  Minutes 

Past Borough Council Agendas and Minutes

Work sessions are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. prior to the regular meeting. The regular meeting will begin immediately following the work session. The Reorganization Meeting will be held at 12 noon on January 1. Meetings can be canceled due to lack of quorum, illness, weather conditions, lack of agenda items, or by direction of the Mayor. Additional meetings may be called as required. The Mayor and Council may determine the need exists for a closed/executive session for discussion of permitted matters during any of the scheduled meetings.

Council meetings are held in the Community Center, 207 Center Street, located at the corner of Pine and Center Streets, Lakehurst, NJ.

If any member of the public wishes to discuss any matter with the Mayor and Borough Council, it would be advisable to give details to the Clerk's Office, in advance, so that the matter may be placed on the agenda and any necessary research done to allow for an appropriate response.